Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year!

So it's 2014 now.

I think I'm going to try, yes, I know I've said it before, to write down funny things the boys say.

Firstly, Joe learned to skip yesterday... very important milestone. He was proud of himself.

Today we went to feed the ducks in Windsor. David saw a long line of swans swimming up the river and shouted out "Mummy! It's a traffic jam of swans!"

Monday, 6 May 2013

Good Grief, it's been over a year!

I'm a rubbish blogger, but I shall try to do better. I've been reading back what I've posted in previous years and it's a lovely way to keep memories alive. 

So since last I posted, the boys went to Pre-school for a term at Angels in Wraysbury. Joe's keyworker was Jane and David's was Tracey. They both loved them and the school and I was pretty sad we had to pull them out of Pre-school to go to Nursery. 

This decision was taken because the boys were both offered spaces at Pippins Nursery which is part of Pippins School in Colnbrook. Pippins School is a foundation school and can set their own entry criteria... the top one being that if a child is registered in the nursery then they are automatically offered a place at the school. They've been really happy at nursery and it was definitely the right thing to do. They love their teachers, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Day and Mrs Laflin and have made lots of friends. The school have even employed a speech therapist just for them every other Thursday morning. Joe adores Miss Johnston and will do anything for her. David just wants to be outside playing and thinks Miss Johnston is a pain. Although he does like her secret boxes and has started to work more with her. 

Last May we went on holiday to Menorca and had a wonderful time. We had a lovely villa with a pool and the boys didn't want to go anywhere else. I think the longest we lasted on a beach was 45 minutes! In about 3 weeks time we are off to a villa in Lanzarote for a week, so we'll see how we get on there!

The boys are now 4 years old and certainly know their own minds. It's quite hard work with the two of them at the moment and I'm thinking I am going to have to employ a reward chart fairly soon to aid with discipline. 

Oh David had his grommets fitted in March and his hearing has definitely improved. We just now have selective hearing instead. Funny how he always hears the word chocolate!

I will write more this year. I don't want to forget how my boys are as they grow up and learn new things. I can't believe they are off to big school in September. Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's been a while...

We've been living life and I haven't had a chance to write recently.

So, last Thursday evening Joe fell out of his cot and broke his right arm. We heard the thud and went running up. He cried for a little while, not long and soon settled back down and went to sleep. He whimpered occassionally through the night, but the next morning it was plain to see that his arm was causing him pain, so off we went to A&E. Joe apparently has a very high pain threshold and barely winced when the doctor found where he'd hurt his wrist. 3 x-rays later it was discovered that Joe has a buckle fracture. They gave him a strong painkiller which totally knocked him out and they then put a cast on his arm. He woke up just as they finished and was very cross to find this big white thing on his arm...

Today we had to go back to the fracture clinic to have the proper cast put on. The clinic was already running an hour behind when we got there at 9.30. The rather cross receptionist told us this was because two doctors had failed to arrive. Oops! Anyway, Joe and I went for a little walk around the shop and bought some little cars to keep him occupied during our wait.

So he now has a new, blue cast which is really hard! It certainly hurts if he clonks you with it! The good news is that he only has to have it on for another two weeks.

So, in other news, we had the boys' third birthday party on Sunday. It was great. We held it at Gymboree and 17 of their little friends came along to help them celebrate. Joe managed everything, despite his broken arm. Cakes came out well and I really enjoyed all the baking I did!

The turtle cakes were made of cupcakes so there was no need to bring a knife to cut the cake! Tasted good too!

They are coming out with some funny words and phrases these days...

Helicopters are known as helipocters

David was tidying up his cars earlier on when he just came out with "I give up!" I wonder who he gets that from then? Me perhaps?

So there are just two more sleeps until the boys' third birthday. Where has the time gone? They are definitely little boys now. My babies are gone. If I close my eyes I can still remember those precious, precious newborn cuddles. Don't grow up too quickly my babies. x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Wheels on the Bus

Go round and round.... etc etc!

I'm proud of my boys today. We sing The Wheels on the Bus a lot. But today was the first time that they totally joined in with ALL of the words and actions. A big deal for us really.

They had sort of regressed a bit speech wise, during the Christmas period as they were both so poorly. But saying that, the last couple of days they have been talking non-stop!

It's lovely that they are now able to tell me what they want or need. I love that we can talk.

And I'm totally amazed at how good David is at his colours. He now knows red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, black and brown.

Clever boys... I'm so proud of you.


Friday, 9 December 2011

My lovely boys!

Poor old Joe has the pox so had to stay at home with Daddy this morning while I took David to an eye appointment at the hospital.

I got David in the car and then got in myself. As we started to drive off a shout went up from the back seat...

"Stop! Mummy! Where my Joe?"

I explained that Joe was staying home with Daddy and David was coming out with Mummy. He calmed down and off we went.

Got to the hospital and as we were a bit early we went to the cafe for a biscuit break... David chose a choc chip cookie and then pointed to a smartie cookie and said "Dat one for my Joe" so we bought that too.

All the way home a little voice was heard saying "see my Joe now"

Got home and David comes tearing in to Daddy.... "Where my Joe? Where my Joe?"

Joe was in bed having a nap. So David runs to the bottom of the stairs and yells up... "Wake up Joe!"

A little voice over the monitor says back... "My David come home, yaaaay!"

Blimey, the hugs they've shared since then. Holding hands, sitting next to each other and kissing. You'd think they'd not seen each other for 2 years not 2 hours!

Oh and Joe loved his biscuit!

David wouldn't leave his side this afternoon... as you can see...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mathematical Genius?

Oh there have been some very clever goings on today!

David has spent most of the day holding the telephone handset pointing at the numbers and telling me which ones they are... The ones he definitely knows are: 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8!

Later on we were singing "Zoom, zoom, zoom" and they have both got counting backwards from 5.

Then David asked me what the sticker on the back of his laptop was... it was the triangular ELC symbol, so I told him it was a triangle... over the course of the next couple of hours he then brought me several different triangles each time telling me they were a triangle.

David definitely knows what yellow is and Joe definitely knows red and I think he knows blue too.

Finally the best bit of today was that finally, finally, they both sat down and listened to a story properly... and what was that story? yup, The Gruffalo... which we were given 2 new copies of at today's grand opening of the new Children's Centre in Colnbrook.

A very good day.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

We have had a FABULOUS day!

Oh what a day! A day of firsts and a day of fun!

Daddy went off on a booze cruise this morning, so we invited Yvonne over for the day.

Yvonne and I decided to take the boys on their first trip to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas.

The boys LOVED it! They weren't scared of the dark and they didn't find it too noisy (David had a little nap for half an hour)

They tried popcorn for the first time and liked that very much too.

The film was great, so funny and entertaining. All I could hear from Joe (who was sitting on Yvonne's knee) was "ooooh! Look at dat! What dat? OOOh! Wow!" everytime there was music they danced. They just loved it. And I will admit to a little tear of happiness as I watched them enjoying themselves so much.

Then we went off to The Ostrich for lunch. Where they sat very nicely and had their first go of dipping chips in ketchup... Joe is a tomato addict and had eaten all the tomatoes off my plate, so let him have some ketchup. Yup, he loved that too... David took a bit of convincing, but eventually he decided he loved it too! Then the chef brought them both out a bowl of ice-cream for sitting so nicely!

Fab day and so looking forward to going to the pictures with them again.... Happy Feet 2 anyone?